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Bethel Christian Academy is proud to use Accelerated Christian Education curriculum. This is a Biblically based educational program geared to meet the learning needs of individual children. This unique program consists of mastery-based curriculum and materials that are self-instructional, character building, and individually prescribed. 

Individualized Learning

Each student at BCA is placed on a level of learning that is individualized specifically for them. They are able to excel in their stronger subjects and take their time to master material in which they may struggle. 

Small Class Sizes

We aren't a huge school, and we think that's a good thing. This gives us more time to focus on the specific needs of each student. We work diligently to help every child achieve their goals.


Athletic Programs

We have a variety of athletic programs for students to participate in. We compete in the A.C.E. league in volleyball and basketball, and yearly, we compete in track, archery, tennis, and more. 


Music Programs

BCA gives students an opportunity to develop their musical gifts both in working for our ACTS Convention and in our weekly chapel services. We are excited to add Music Theory Classes, Applied Keyboard, Voice, and Drums to the list of music classes available.


Chapel days are our favorite. We love getting together with our peers and praising Jesus. All of the worship is student led, which helps students to learn the art of worship leading. Many lives have been changed in our chapel services.


Rewards and Recognition

The Bible says to give honor where honor is due. Each morning we give out Congratulations Slips to recognize each passed test. Quarterly, Honor Roll Slips are given, and yearly, we have our annual Awards Ceremony. 

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