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Why Churches Need a Christian School

Jesus commanded His disciples to go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature. Many believers do not realize that He was not talking just to world evangelists but to churches to reach the “little creatures” that we have all around us every day.

What is sad, our children are being taught everyday in liberal public school systems by all kinds of people with all kinds of diabolically inspired agendas. Recently Fox News aired a segment exposing the LGBT’s agenda to call newborn babies “theybies” instead of “babies.” They are proposing that parents allow the child to choose what gender they would prefer.

If it is at all possible, a church needs to have a Christian school to be able to teach children and young people what the Bible says about these things. Genesis 5:3 and Mark 10:6 say, “And he made them male and female.” With prayer and God taken from our public schools they are no place for our children. Granted there are some exceptions. A few public schools still are trying to maintain more of a conservative stance, but they are feeling more and more pressure everyday to conform to the liberal agenda.

Pastoral Elder

Robert Gilstrap

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