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What is Education?

Updated: Feb 5, 2019

What is education? Dictionary.com defines education as: "The result produced by instruction, training, or study." Education, 99% of the time, is associated with a classroom, school, or college where we go to learn. I believe that education is a very important step in anyone's life. In this day and age we live in, education is what is needed to get a better job or move up in an existing job. However, I feel education goes beyond a classroom setting.

I believe that education comes in many forms, whether, through instruction, or just in everyday life. I think an important education moment comes in the form of LIFE. I am thankful for the classroom setting because it prepares us for things like Math, English, Reading, etc., things that we will use in our workplaces. However, life education teaches us how to cope with circumstances that may come our way. It teaches us that we sometimes have to roll with "the punches." We figure out as we transition from a safe classroom setting that life, sometimes, isn't fair. Sometimes we are passed over for the promotion that we deserve. Sometimes we are laid off our jobs without a notice. We, as human beings, learn to navigate this thing called "life" because we learn, we educate ourselves to the pressures that come, and we figure out how to move forward, and not let circumstances beat us.

Yes, we believe that education is the most important thing. It doesn't matter if it is in the classroom, or in life. Let's continue to learn and grow! We have learned that no matter what lesson you are facing, if you keep God first "...all things work together for good." So keep God first, and keep learning.


Shawn Everhart


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