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What is a reward?

There are many types of rewards that are given. A reward that is given to a child that finishes a chore, or get his/her work done is not something most Adults would consider a great reward. So what is a reward? Websters dictionary defines reward as, "something that is given in return for good." When we are kind to someone, it usually yields kindness back to us. Helping a neighbor with a project, typically will implore your neighbor to return the gesture in kind.

I believe the greatest reward we at BCA could ever receive, is when each student leaves this school, they go on and become whatever they set their minds out to be. We want them to be the best version of themselves. I don't want any of these students feeling like they have to compete with the one sitting next to them, but to realize who They are in God, and that I am going to be the best I can be. To us that is a reward.


Shawn Everhart


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