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Thank You, No Problem

Although our thankfulness should be an attitude all through the year, it is often a popular response only at this time of the year. Thanksgiving is more than a special day. It is a response that should be on our lips every day of the year. Thanksgiving should be remembered as Thanksgiving day, not Turkey day. Saying “Thank you” is not the problem I wish to address. It is the problem of saying “No problem” as a response to “Thank you.” No one knows how it got started, but it seems the popular response to “Thank you,” at least among the younger set, is “No problem,” instead of “You are welcome.” Saying “No problem” implies there was a problem, but I will overlook it. Etiquette says that the proper response to “Thank you” is “You are welcome.” So when someone is kind enough to say thank you, let’s practice the proper response by saying “You are welcome,” or de nada!

Written by:

R.L. Gilstrap

Pastoral Elder

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