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Benefits of a Christian School in the Community

I can't speak for every Christian school in America. I can only speak from the experience that I have with Bethel Christian Academy. There are many benefits to having a Christian school in your community. I believe that in the Christian School there are many different aspects that make it unique. Here are just a couple I feel that are important.

First, Your child will spend a lot of time with a teacher who is going to work with them. We as parents want what is best for our children. In a Christian school your child will learn from a Christian orientated person. With all the wrong role models in this world, it is good to have a Godly role model working with our children on a daily basis. 

The aacs wrote "Christian values and attitudes are taught and emphasized in the Christian school. The overt effects of violence and immorality so common in today’s public schools clearly demonstrate the need for a Christian education. The Christian ethics and morals expounded in your home and church are reinforced in the Christian school classroom. Nurturing a child with Biblical truth is an excellent way to equip him for maturity. The Christian values taught in the Christian home and reinforced in the Christian school enable your child to deal with a troubled world without succumbing to its troubles, another reason you send your child to a Christian school." A Christian school is a great value to any community.

Shawn Everhart



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